Green Isle Gardens

Marc Godts
Marc runs the nursery and is our designer.  He has 30+ years of experience in the landscape construction industry and is retired from one of Central Florida’s largest landscape construction firms. His portfolio includes theme park projects, education facilities, state and municipal projects, restoration plantings, hotels, streetscapes and specialty home projects. With years of experience in management, Marc has the ability to resolve problems and to bring the project from concept to final design intent.


Marc is a horticulturalist and has been a member of the Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) for many years and a volunteer with The Nature Conservancy on rare plant surveys.  He was awarded the 2016 FNPS Landscape Design Award for Excellence for his concept in residential landscape design for Steve and Susan Turnipseed in The Villages.


Marc’s philosophy is to use native plants as the foundation of all landscapes and to garden with appropriate non-invasive exotics.

Terry Godts

Terry founded Green Isle Gardens in 1998 and now runs the office.  She is a board member and past president of the native plant trade organization, the Florida Association for Native Nurseries (FANN), which promotes native nurseries and publishes "The Real Florida Gardener."  


As a follower of Dr. Doug Tallamy, the author of Bringing Nature Home, Terry believes homeowners can provide the resources - in their own yards - to save Florida's natural heritage with native landscapes.


Terry and Marc met at a meeting of the Tarflower chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society in Orlando.  They have been married since 1998. 


Lavon Silvernell

Lavon grew up in Orlando playing in nearby lakes, springs and wild areas, and moved to rural Lake County 28 years ago to live on 5 acres of Florida scrub.  A long-time member of  Florida Native Plant Society, and the Trout Lake Nature Center Naturalist for 12 years, she is passionate about making a difference for water and for wildlife by landscaping with native plants.

Lavon will be happy to help you pick plants to create a natural retreat for birds, butterflies, and you on Saturdays from 8-2.